Moving from Print-on-Demand to Manufacturing, Part 2 (Mistakes)

Brian gives several examples of errors that can occur with either POD or manufacturing and Richard discovers the guys’ tips for minimizing mistakes. Jeremy talks about getting games played by publishers.

Audio/Podcast version:

4 thoughts on “Moving from Print-on-Demand to Manufacturing, Part 2 (Mistakes)

  1. In Airlines Europe, the red and orange planes are nearly identical. I had to spray paint the red planes with a deeper red before it was obvious between the two colors. This is from an established company, Rio Grande games. Those details even pass quality controls in a company of this size. It’s still worth buying BTW.

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    1. Great example. Yeah, surprisingly large publishers release games with surprisingly big mistakes. It’s really hard to get every little detail 100% correct when you are designing in the digital world for something that gets physically manufactured. To take advantage of economies of scale, you don’t just get to print 100 copies and then make sure everything looks OK – you’re printing thousands. At the manufacturer, ink starts running dry mid-run, a printing press is slightly off in alignment, or a single character gets misinterpreted during setup. There are so many tiny mistakes that can occur and sometimes it’s just too expensive to fix.


  2. It’s becoming increasingly apparent why so many great ideas never become products. We are making so many different decisions in our game dev based on your videos. This is the kind of advice that is difficult to find. Most design discussions are esoteric and conceptual whereas this is mostly meat.

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