Protospiel San Jose – Part 2

Get some more insights from the organizer of the San Jose Protospiel, Jeremy Commandeur, on what went well and what he will improve at the next Protospiel he ran, such as:
– the game design contest
– pitching your game
– food for the Protospiel
– ideas for improvement
– how to start your own Protospiel
– networking opportunities

Main Protospiel Website
Protospield San Jose



Protospiel website:

Unpub website:


4 thoughts on “Protospiel San Jose – Part 2

  1. Great point Brian about having a sign that describes your game with just a few simple statements while at a playtesting event. The signs I’ve made for these events are concise but can be still be trimmed down for clarity.


    1. Thanks Robert! Yeah, most are pretty text-heavy as the designer wants to say so much about their game, but I’m really starting to like the very simple ones because I’m much more likely to read it as I walk by.


  2. Hey! Every version of this “Part 2” I can find is actually just Part 1 again. The YouTube video, the podcast feed, and everything all seem to be duplicates.


    1. Shoot, you’re right! The podcasts for part 1 and part 2 are the same. :( I removed part 1 for now because I can’t see the original recording so it looks like it is lost to time. However, the part 1 video is here (note the intro sounds VERY similar):


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