7 Wonders Strategic Analysis

And here we have 7 Wonders, designed by Antoine Bauza and published by Repos Production, which is a keystone title for most of us hardcore gamers. Although I have a lot of respect for it now, I admit I was not a fan of this game when I first played it a couple years ago because you constantly have to be making decisions about which cards to take, and it’s very frustrating not having any idea about which cards to pick when you are unfamiliar with the game. This frustration is present over and over throughout your first few hands, and probably your first few ages. Heck, probably your first few games. What makes it difficult is that it’s fairly hard to explain how to play because there are so many very different ways to score points. When you get down to it, there are 2 primary strategies (science or community) that you can use as the foundation for your game, so just pick one of them based on the wonder you are building and the cards you get in Age 1, and do the best you can with it by supplementing it with military, treasury, and guilds. Of course I have plenty of other tips to scrape away a few extra points as well, so gather ‘round and let me tell you how to build the greatest wonders the world has ever seen.

Check out the video above or the text analysis here.

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