Working with a Manufacturer

We cover lessons learned in talking to tabletop game manufacturers so you can better prepare for the next time you need to work with one.




3 thoughts on “Working with a Manufacturer

  1. Hi guys,

    Great podcast! I’m new to the game industry, but I’ve already divulged at least half of your podcasts. I also met Jeremy briefly at San Jose Protospiel.

    Anyways, I noticed in this episode you mentioned that there was some guys at Wondercon with a rotating board or rings that rotate and they were having trouble finding a manufacturer. I’m making a game, Icon, where there is a rotating turntable and a rotating record on top of that, which I would like to make with chipboard, but I am having problems finding a manufacturer. Any idea of who those guys at Wondercon went through, or who might be able to make what I’m looking for?

    Alrighty. Hope to hear from you guys soon! Thanks!

    Mike Trias


    1. Hey Mike, as far as I know that prototype from WonderCon never got made. I may have missed it, but I think it never got off the ground. The closest I’ve seen to a spinning board in Moon Quake Escape ( published by Breaking Games/Ad Magic. Ad Magic is a manufacturer, reach out to them ( -Jeremy


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