Pricing and Distribution

This is the first episode of The Forbidden Limb podcast/vidcast where we discuss the BUSINESS side of the tabletop gaming industry. In this episode, we talk about pricing a game and where the profits go when selling it in these different methods of distribution:

  • Direct from the publisher’s website
  • Direct through Kickstarter
  • Publisher to Retailer
  • Publisher to Distributor
  • Publisher to Distribution Services Company



3 thoughts on “Pricing and Distribution

  1. I like what you said about starting with a standard deck as a constraint for a first game. But, all three of the games I am hip deep in are about the component depth of Euphoria, so I was wondering if you could address component costs and alternate choices, weighing in on the trade offs for different components.

    I’m considering component upgrades as a standard expansion with each game as an additional cost + shipping.


    1. If you want to start with a game as complex as Euphoria, you will probably need to find a publisher to publish it for you unless you are prepared to take a huge financial and schedule risk. It sounds like you’re planning on crowd-funding, but the more components you add, the harder it is for everything to come out like you hope. I HIGHLY recommend you start with a smaller game if you plan to publish it yourself. Your 3 bigger games will still be there once you’re done with it. :)

      Balancing component quality, cost, and weight sounds like a fantastic episode topic because I cannot do it justice here, but it comes up over and over again when requesting quotes from manufacturers and setting Kickstarter reward/funding levels.


      1. Initially, I just wanted to enjoy the creative process but fell in love with it. I’m fully inclined to agree with starting much smaller. This is why I hope you further discuss other components that are ‘safe’ for beginners. I will heed your words and iterate up to a Euphoria level game. Thanks!


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