Episode #73: Designing Around Analysis Paralysis

Today we discuss how to design around analysis paralysis:

  • Is it a bad thing?
  • Limiting your decision space
  • Add more options/decisions as you go
  • Allowing players to “mess up” the next player’s carefully laid plans
  • Companion app
  • Reference cards to make decisions easier
  • Usability in graphic design or component selection
  • Simultaneous play
  • Hidden actions
  • Keep players engaged
  • Walls of text
  • Put longer decisions at the end of a players so other players can take their turns while the other player is thinking

Audio/Podcast: http://traffic.libsyn.com/theforbiddenlimb/BGBP067b.m4a




5 thoughts on “Episode #73: Designing Around Analysis Paralysis

    1. What about a different browser? I just tried it on a PC with Chrome and it sounds good throughout. Do you know if both left/right speakers/headphones you’re using work? At ~4min 30sec point it switches from Jeremy to Richard and then me so maybe we’re only coming in on the left or right channel. Just a thought. Sorry it’s not working great for you! We kind of take turns editing sometimes and this one was .m4a format so maybe we should make sure to do .mp3.


      1. Thank you for helping me troubleshoot! It worked when I opened it in IE (I was in Chrome before). Darn computers and their finickiness! Thank you again!


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