Using Chipboard

Here are the chipboard-related topics we discuss:

  • Why use chipboard?
    • Feel
    • Durability
  • Why wouldn’t you want to?
    • Cost
    • Wear
    • Weight
  • 3D chipboard constructions
  • Cost analysis
  • Sizes and custom shapes
  • Standard sheets/thickness/layers
  • Finishes and coating
  • Unpub/Protospiel San Jose

Audio Version:




3 thoughts on “Using Chipboard

  1. Thank so much for the episodes. I’ve really been enjoying your podcast. If possible, I would love it if you did an episode on Print and Play versions. I’d love to hear your thoughts on if they help with marketing and if they are an effective Kickstarter reward.

    See you at Protospiel San Jose!



    1. Hey Pieter!

      We’ve mentioned PnPs in past episodes but we haven’t done a show entirely on them. We definitely should though! We’ll add it to the upcoming episode list — thanks for the suggestion.

      Yeah, all 3 of us will see you at Protospiel!


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